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Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

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Not every joystick can make a flight simulator controller, right? At one point in time, a joystick was literally a right-left and forward-backward gaming controller. In recent days however PC’s and gaming devices have advanced hugely and so did the joysticks. Currently, there is a landslide of advancement based on the design and sophistication. The innovative designs have not only been driven by the advancement of PC’s and gaming consoles but also the popularity of video gaming and simulation. Additionally, joysticks are not exclusively used for video gaming though; they are also used in industrial and academic institutions.

What Makes The Top PC Flight Joystick For fsx Simulation 2014?

The choice entirely depends on what exactly you want to use the joystick for. Will you use it for tearing through the skies in a combat fighter jet or for cruising through the airways in a Boeing plane? Actually, you’ll need a very divergent set of features and functionality to accomplish each of the two purposes above. On the design side, there are different designs for every type of user. For instance, there are joysticks that were designed with the ‘combat’ users in mind. Combat joysticks are designed with the full fighter jet controls including the bells and whistles.

In order to play and enjoy your X-Plane flight simulation effectively, you need a joystick that offers what you exactly need. This article is an ultimate guide to finding the best flight joystick for X-Plane. A joystick is worth spending money on if it meets the following performance requirements.

  1. Programmable Buttons

The term ‘programmable’ means that the user can assign specific functions or profiles to sets of buttons. With the customizable buttons, you can set different buttons to do actions such as raising/lowering flaps, looking out of the side windows, etc. A good flight joystick should’ve programmable buttons feature so as to suit the user’s playing style as well as the demands of different games.

  1. HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick)

This acronym simply means is that there is a throttle lever that links to the flight joystick. The purpose of the throttle is to incorporate other gaming controls into the actual flight controls. This enables you to do actions like firing a gun without having to take your hands off the main flight joystick controls. HOTAS makes the gaming experience totally immersive and complete.

  1. Force Feedback

A good video gaming controller must come with the force feedback feature. This feedback is simply a vibrating sensation that a player receives from the controller with the aim of enhancing realism of the gameplay. Similarly, the best X-Plane flight simulation joystick must offer this feature. Even if your current gaming collection doesn’t require force feedback, it’s always a good idea to buy a joystick with this feature. You might need the feature in future because there are some games that don’t make sense without force feedback. Additionally, good joysticks allow the user to toggle the force feedback on or off whenever they feel like.

  1. Warranty

Every piece of electronic or gadgetry you buy must prove the real value for your investment. The real value assurance is provided for in the warranty. A warranty is an important pointer that you’ll get the real value for your money in the long run. Similarly, a joystick is just like any other piece of electronics and hence must have a warranty. It’s highly recommended to go for devices that have more comprehensive warranties. A warranty is a simple pointer to authenticity and high quality.

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